Drury Lane Oak Brook – “Ragtime”

Hi friends – for the first time I had a chance to go to the Drury Lane Oak Brook Theater, and it was lovely. I saw “Ragtime,” and it was a truly terrific performance, the most ambitious, apparently, the Drury Lane has ever put on even including some Broadway stars. I loved it!

I really enjoy live theater, especially musical theater. And when I can take my kids to a show, all the better. But the downtown venus and prices can sometimes be impediments. I was happy to be reminded that there are other great and more affordable options for my family to enjoy professional live theater. I think it’s terrific for kids to be exposed to it.

I hadn’t been taking advantage of a great option in my own backyard – now I will!

Thought you might like to know! – Betsy

P.S. – season tickets are a great way to get the best value, and I think worth the investment if you can.
Drury Lane Theater

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