Sep 12

Today’s Parenting Tip

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Check your cable or satellite TV programming. . .

Moms and dads, here’s a word to the wise: If you have a television in your house, no matter how sure you are that you don’t receive/have blocked out certain channels on your cable/satellite TV service, every so often flip around and make sure there’s nothing there you don’t want there. I recently switched satellite TV services, and unbeknownst to me, I received three “free months” of HBO and Cinemax. There is some good programming on these networks, and there is a lot of very explicit sexual content too. Fortunately, I was the one flipping around the first evening we had it, and I discovered – and got rid of – the problem. (Good programming from HBO you can pretty easily just get on Netflix.)

I’m told occsionally “free offers” and other promotions get through on our cable to satellite TV services, and we moms and dads just might not know. So every once in a while – just check.

Happy Parenting!


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Posted By: Betsy