Apr 14

Upcoming Appearances – “Hannity” and The University Club of Chicago

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Hi friends – I wanted to let you know about two upcoming appearances I have scheduled:

From New York City, I’ll be joining the Great American Panel on “Hannity” on the FOX News Channel, Monday April 20th. I hope you can tune in!

On May 6th, I’ll be speaking at the University Club in Chicago on my book, “It Takes a Parent: How the Culture of Pushover Parenting is Hurting our Kids, And What to do About It” at a noon lunch. I’d love to see you there! Members, call the club and make your reservation by May 1st. Non-members can also attend if you call the Book Stall in Winnetka, and make your reservations there. That phone number is (847) 446 8880.

I’m told you you all have to adhere to the Club dress code – no jeans or sneakers! (said in a very strict mom voice!)

I hope you can come. If you have questions, call Mary Holloway at the University Club:

Mary Holloway | University Club of Chicago | director of special events
phone 312.696.2208 | fax 312.726.0620 | holloway@ucco.com |www.ucco.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Betsy Hart

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