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Welcome – “Fox and Friends” Friends!

Hi, if you are visiting here as a result of my Thursday appearance on “Fox and Friends” – that’s great! Welcome. I would love to hear from you, and I would like to keep you posted on when the print version of my new book, “From The Hart: On Love, Loss, Romance (and Other Extreme Sports)” is available on Amazon and in bookstores in the next several weeks.

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Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to meet you!


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Author: Betsy


March 1, 2012

Hey Besty. Just saw you on Fox and Friends and had to comment. I am the exception to your general rule when it comes to men. I am the sensitive man who is greatly in touch with his feelings and completely understands a womans emotional needs. I have an amazing wife, and had a wonderful expressive and loving Mother. I have no problem telling what my emotional needs are in any circumstance. The majority of American men have the wrong constructs as to what a “real man” is in todays society. A real man has a balance of both male and female emotional traits. Looking forward to reading your book. Take Care!

Betsy Hart
March 1, 2012

Hi Art – there are exceptions to every rule, and you sound like a great one. Thanks for chiming in!

March 2, 2012

Betsy, I saw your interview on Fox and Friends and your new book looks awesome! Will you have hard covers coming out? Or just the kindle version?

Betsy Hart
March 2, 2012

Hi Alle and thank you for checking in! Yes, the book will be out in print (in soft cover) in 3 – 4 weeks. FOX was great to have me on while it was still just on Kindle, but they said they wanted to be first with it – which I appreciate! (The Kindle version was targeted for Valentine’s Day, the print version in advance of the May/June wedding season!) I will make sure to post here when it’s available!

Best, Betsy

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